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Raw, Untamed, Curated Flavours
Balanced Like the Scales of Libra

We are purveyors of Portuguese oysters, seafood & produce & local boutique wines by Lisbon Family owned Vineyards. Pearl’s menu is crafted and influenced by the owners’ Malaysian Heritage, travel escapes and life’s journey. Predominantly you will find South East Asian, Caribbean & Australian influences in our dishes. Our food, is for sharing small plates with bold, honest & curious flavours;
under the Portuguese Sun.

PEARL, Oyster & Wine Bar is a Magic Quiver initiative, we strive to curate ventures of understated luxury as we are truly enthralled and humbled by life at the sea. Employing our senses,  through a collective of memories, stories and precious treasures.


Rua Dr. Eduardo Burnay 61, 2655-329
Ericeira, Portugal

+351 261 060 157



9AM - 3PM


Our Kitchen —


3 Portuguese Oysters

On a bed of Portuguese sea salt & seaweed 8€

. cherry, shallot, red wine vinegar mignonette
. ginger, honey, soy, lime, vinaigrette
. passion fruit, Japanese rice wine vinegar, chili, vinaigrette


Malayan Ceviche

slivers of white fish of the day, seasonal succulent, mangoes, chilies, celery ginger lime water, coriander oil, edible flowers 7.5€


Crispy Fennel Battered Calamari

a robust batter of toasted fennel seeds & turmeric, dressed with pickled fennel, crispy coriander leaves, served with homemade harissa mayo 7.5€


Panko Prawn Goa Bao

panko crusted prawns on steamed white bun with sweet & sticky hoisin sauce & homemade onion pickles 10.5€


Banana Leaf Steamed Fish

delicately steamed white fish of the day with fragrant Asian herbs, a hint of coconut milk, a sliver of mango, wrapped in banana leaf 10.5€

 Malaysian Prawn Satay

grilled prawn on a skewer, marinated in lemongrass oil, pickled onions with cucumber served with chunky and creamy homemade Malaysian peanut sauce 11.5€


Peruvian Ceviche

white fish of the day marinated in citrus juices, slivers of Bombay onions and radishes, coriander, pistachios, slow cooked sweet potato 7.5€


Mussels in Thai Yellow Curry

bold flavours of Asian roots & herbs tempered with coconut milk served with local bread 11.5€

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